Newsletter | Qian Lab and DLR signed a MOU

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Recently, Director of Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology (Qian Lab) Hong Chen and Academician Wei-Hua Wang were invited to visit the Institute of Material Physics in Space, German Aerospace Center (DLR), met with Director Andreas Meyer and technical experts in the field of space science. A memorandum of understanding(MOU) was signed between Qian Lab and DLR on the joint space experiments.

During this visit, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges. Professor Andreas Meyer introduced the organization and operation mode of DLR and the ongoing scientific research project under microgravity; Professor Matthias Sperl introduced the movement of particulate matter under microgravity conditions; Professor Hubertus Thomas, chief scientist of the Plasma Kristall project of the International Space Station, introduced the utilization of electric fields, lasers and temperature changes to excite particles and eventually form ionic crystals.?


The delegation also visited the electromagnetic suspension equipment or electrostatic suspension equipment independently designed by DLR in the microgravity platform such as the falling tower, weightless aircraft and sounding rocket.?


Qian Lab and DLR have already formed a strong cooperation foundation in the early stage. The two institutes have conducted a definite cooperation plan for the "metal material space 3D printing" project, and each has carried out research work. On the afternoon of March 25th, under the witness of Academician Wang Wei-Hua and Chief Designer Zhu Zong-Peng, the representatives of Director Hong Chen and Professor Andreas Meyer signed a memorandum of understanding on behalf of Qian Lab and DLR, respectively. Qian Lab and DLR will jointly promote project cooperation in the field of "space science and technology", share experimental platforms, and promote further cooperation between China and Germany in the aerospace field.

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